• Nana Aisha Mamudu

Us, Not them

A decade before Nigeria's independence in 1960, agriculture played a dominant role in Nigeria's economy with very little to no support from the government . Nigerians were able to grow enough food for their growing population. Government support was mainly focused on export of produce like; cocoa, rubber, cotton, groundnut and palm produce.

Today, Nigerian Government has been promoting agricultural development and taking steps to improve the Agricultural industry. Some strategies are working and others…. Story for another day.

I am not concerned with the government's plans right now. Maybe later. Right now, it's your attention I want. I’m talking to you. You like me who sits and have somehow convinced yourself that you have no role to play in that change for a better Nigeria that you hold the government solely responsible for. These past months have changed my mindset and got me thinking that there must be something I can do. It's not good enough to just sit and wait for the world to end because of this pandemic. I have hope and I am faithful that whatever we are going through right now is to bring us out better and stronger on the other side. Maybe God wants to flip the world on its head and make Africa the new super power in the world( lol! Fingers crossed).

We really as a people need to get moving. As the federal govt has been drumming in our heads for over four years now….. CHANGE BEGINS WITH ME! You do know they mean us, right? not them. They’ve been hinting at us to change our way of thinking. Well, I have and I hope you'll join me in my epiphany. We can’t truly hold the government responsible, not until we change our attitude on what we think our role in the quest for change is. It definitely isn't a passive one.

So wake up my dear and stay awake.

Until next time…

Don't forget to stay safe and inspired.

Love always,



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