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We did good! Happy new year!


It's been another stretch but I hope this meets you all well.

We are literally on the last day of the year. Today being the 31st December 2020, makes reflections a bit more intense. And as reflections go, we tend to focus on mistakes and regrets. Well, I won't be doing none of that. Today I choose to focus only on the positives I've had.

As hard as 2020 has been, one of the positives for me was starting this blog. I began seven months ago and I have written sixteen posts till date.... Well, seventeen if you count this one. Lol!

We are all on a journey of some kind and struggle to achieve goals. I'm not done yet. I still have a couple of things on my plate I believe I will get done. The year may be over but I'm still here thank God. And so are you. So here are the top three lessons I'll take with me into the next year are.

1- When you falter in your plans don't stop keep moving.

2- Let go of all the insecurities and baggage. ( And that includes people who try to pull you down or discourage you).

And last but not the least....

3- Consistency is key in what ever you do.

On this note I'd like to wish us all a wonderful year ahead filled with good health and amazing achievements.

Thank you all for your support and following.

God bless you all!

Happy New year!

Love always,



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