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Unlimited Ideas!

Last time I posted, it was on great ideas. I got a call from someone who had questions. I was happy to hear that she was quite inspired by my post and had an epiphany. I'm not going to say what her idea is but believe me its good. So good it got me thinking.... Many times I've watched people give up on a business idea because they believe it wont work in their state. I hear all sorts of excuses like. "people here don't Eat this or that".

Have you ever thought of producing for another state? It is possible find consumers in other states. Limiting you ideas to cater for your immediate environment can limit your business opportunities.

I live in Sokoto and most of our fruits and vegetables come from Plateau State. The lady whom I buy from, supplies a number of people and grocery stores in Sokoto. She doesn't sell in Jos but found a way to deliver nation wide and sends produce to any state you want. Strawberries, black berries, kiwi to mention a few. Fruits most of us in Sokoto would not have dreamed of enjoying, we now have access to. All because a young lady in Jos thought outside the box.

So the next time you think of a business don't restrict your ideas. Think bigger. There is so much out there and ways to do business. Especially now that we have the internet handy.

Remember to stay safe and inspired....

love always,



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