• Nana Aisha Mamudu

This Mentor Will Blow Your Mind

If you're still having a tricky time at this point, then you honestly need some help.

Help when starting a business or entrepreneurship venture, usually comes from two sources, a Coach or a Mentor.

Now these two are essential to have and can make decisions making quite seamless but they also play different roles.

With a coach, you can get professional step by step guide to educate you on what you should be doing as you progress with your business idea.

A mentor on the other hand can do this and more.

A mentor is usually someone who is accomplished in business and able to draw on their experiences and knowledge of your business idea and help you navigate through to success. 

Convinced you need a coach or mentor?

You could check out this link, You'll find my own coach there. 

I'll leave you to investigate and to keep you inspired.... But remember admitting you need help is a positive not a negative indication to your ability to succeed.

See you next post. Until then.... Stay safe, stay inspired.


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