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There Is God Oh!

There are a number of loan opportunities that have been made available by the Central bank of Nigeria (CBN) through, Nirsal micro finance bank and other banks. 

The Central Bank has committed to aggressively fund agriculture business and SMEs. Application, interviews and release of loans are currently ongoing in all states and federal capital territory of Nigeria.

The AGSMEIS loan in particular is an agriculture and small medium enterprise loan, is a collateral free loan that requires that you are trained by an Enterprise Development Institute and get an assessment from CBN, using your BVN to verify you account details. So in a nutshell, it requires you get an education on how to manage the loan and good bank credit. 

Many times I hear people blame the government for lack of opportunities and support. We love pointing fingers and shifting blame but fail to see how we sometimes, are our own worst enemy.

I met someone the other day who applied for the AGSMEIS loan just because she could. No idea of or for a business, no business plan, nothing! She actually believes its just an opportunity to get money. I tried explaining the process but she didn't want to hear it. Now, how many other Nigerians like her are out there applying for the wrong reasons? Taking advantage of an opportunity to help individuals grow themselves and businesses so that they can directly impact and contribute to the development of Nigeria's economy, is really upsetting.

In my opinion, the nonchalant attitude of some people and confidence in greed that is displayed at times is detrimental to government efforts for development.

Let's play our part in development. If you are clueless and don't have honest intentions on how to execute a business plan and contribute positively, then do not apply for loans.

Stop frustrating efforts being  made for progress. Remember, that after all is said and done that, "there is God oh"!

Until next time....

Stay safe and inspired.

Love always,



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