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Selfcare! In a World of Chaos...Updated

We can all relate now to something I wrote about in this post. #EndSARS movement has added another layer to our discussions, and so we shall be including it as we plan our talks. If you haven't shared or subscribed to this blog already, please do. It is time for serious dialogue. Being as tired as we all are now, gives way to inaction and that, is not an option. let us make some sense out of it, so join us!

It's been a while since I posted anything and I apologize. But here's why.....

Life can get overwhelming at times, even for the toughest of us. Sometimes we can go on and on soldiering through all life's challenges without stopping to take a breather. It can be a lot.

As women, there is so much expected of us without complain, and we do deliver time and time again. But there comes a time when you need to stop to regroup or you might just fall apart.

A lot has been going on with me. Being a journalist, I am most often abreast of terrible occurrences like rape and other gender based violence. I've been opportuned to work with and attend trainings, webinars, and meetings on the prevalence of many of these issues disrupting our society.

The increase in cases of gender based violence in spite of the efforts I see around me to curb them honestly, took an emotional toll on me.

What else can we do for God's sake? How do we help? How can we contribute to this fight against atrocities that are threatening to rob the world of it's innocence?

Khadijat Ahmed, is a dear friend and founder, "The Revived Woman"on Facebook.

As a court judge Khadijat deals with a number of these type of issues. Seeing and discussing what this has done to affected women, emotionally and mentally has made us realize that we are each other's keepers. And our conclusion is that.... talking is key.

Sharing in candid conversations our experiences is a much needed avenue by which we could resolve many problems.

We need to begin to have conversations that open us up to solutions that can reduce these societal menaces.

Sometimes all we need is that listening ear. And a great one for me is, Khadijah Haliru. She is a business, lifstyle coach and entrepreneur she is also my sister and mentor, whose perspective to any conversation I value.

Khadijat Haliru will be supporting Khadijat Ahmed and I on this journey of finding our voices. I believe this will go a long way in empowering and reviving our will to stand up for ourselves in whatever ramifications we women constantly find ourselves.

Until I come your way with further details...

Stay blessed.

Love always,



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