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Miss Independence!

Sitting down in my room trying to catch a moment of peace.... you remember peace? That thing you used to have when they were in school, Islamic or bible study school, and you had like an hour or two to relax and unwind? Yeah! Due to isolation we have been for lack of a better word, "stuck" at home with the kids (God bless them). A moment of peace for most parents has become an illusion.

My oldest who just turned fifteen walks into my room, ignores the fact that I'm pinching my forehead which is my way of showing her that its bad timing, brushes off my wave to get out and proceeds to give me this speech about how she has decided to become independent. Ehn!? She has my attention!

So she continues to regale me with all this talk about how realizing that relying on people financially is not her thing and she wants to be able to take care of herself. Aaah! See pride in my heart. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much because this is a good thing, right? Especially, being a girl and having independent thoughts, it's a step forward... right? So I ask my beautiful daughter her thoughts on what she wants to do to get her some financial income? She looks at me smiles and says, " I want you to open me a personal saving account and grant me access to it".......

I calmly instruct her to open my top drawer, get a mask, pick up the hand sanitizer on the dresser. Oyah! Forward march! I'm going to introduce her to Musa tailor who sews at the gate.

Abeg abeg! I'm fasting......

Lesson: Vocational training is essential in bringing up our kids. If they can acquire a skill that they can build on as a hobby or even better turn into a business....Great!

Personal savings account?!...... Puhlease!!!

Stay safe and inspired please.

love always,



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