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Great Ideas!

One thing I love to do is think up great ideas to make money. There are so many things you can do to make some extra income.

We live in a fast paced world today, where many appreciate produce that have already been processed.

I remember when I was a child we had to soak, dry and take corn to women who manually remove the chaff before taking it to the mechanical grinders. Don't forget the final stage of drying the ground flour in the sun to eliminate any remaining moisture before you can store it for use. Whew!!! All that work takes days just to make corn flour.

Imagine how many people today will appreciate just buying the finished product like corn flour., bean flour, yam flour, chopped vegetables etc... I know I do.

There are a number of produce available on supermarket shelves today that have been processed by women in their houses. There is so much that we have in this country when it comes to food produce and so much we can do with it.

Nigeria is blessed with organic produce that can either be processed or preserved and packaged into ready to use forms. Look around at the vast food resources around you. Chances are you'll may just notice something you could do to make life more convenient for someone looking for that quick fix.

When you do, you may just have stumbled upon a good business idea.

A great idea is a good start. So look around you and get thinking.

Until next time... Stay safe and inspired.

Love always,



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