• Nana Aisha Mamudu

Food! Plain and Simple!

Hunger is already a reality in most homes. Yes, we are going through tough times now, with full or partial lockdown depending on where you live in the world. And if you aren’t already dealing with hunger, you are dealing with fear and anxiety of running out of food or worse…. The money to buy it.

In this horrible situation we find ourselves in, and with the world dealing with a disease pandemic I've come to some realisations. Take everything away, jobs, schools, entertainment, politics etc. the only things that will really matter to survival is good health and food. Even good health is threatened when food becomes a problem and people can’t feed.

So my point is, my friend…. we need to step things up. This pandemic isn’t going to last forever( by God's grace).

So, we need a game plan. And it seems clear that it's Agriculture!

According to the national bureau of statistics, Nigeria's food importation bill was cut down from over $3 billion from 2018 to $1billion in 2019. With food importation down…. You do the math.

I’ll sign off here.

Stay safe and inspired.

Love always,



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