• Nana Aisha Mamudu

Food! Food! Food!

It has happened! Oil isn’t the be all and end all.

I personally thought that one day Nigeria’s oil wells will become depleted and then we’ll be in real trouble. That global warming would catch up with us or that some other energy would be found and oil wouldn’t be that important anymore and we will regret capitalising on just oil. Hmmm….

Our oil wells are still fine, crude is still a superior source of energy but somehow to our economy it doesn’t really matter right now. Nigeria’s petroleum source isn’t foremost in our thoughts, except for when we have to deal with lack of power or fuel for our cars.

So what is most important now?

What is that one thing that ranks highest in relevancy when stacking your priorities today? I’m talking about today that you are trapped at home with nowhere to go, with limited hustle opportunities, no way to make money? What is it!!!?

Lets dig in my next post.

I’ll sign off here.

Stay safe and inspired.

Love always,



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