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First Impressions.

In the television profession, they say it takes 5 seconds to grab the attention of a viewer flipping channels. If you are able to keep the attention, then you've done your job. There are so many channels to chose from and with so many television stations vying for attention, the competition to win the loyalty and viewership of people isn't easy. To achieve this, you've got to have interesting content, variety, standard etc.

This is how I see e-commerce or online markets.

I had a common discussion today with someone who started a promising fashion business and had a logo made. She took a beautiful picture of a gown posted it on instagram and was asking my opinion. I advised that her brand name was hard to read because the writing was too faint. She blew me off with an it doesn't matter reply..... aahh! Everything matters when it comes to selling yourself or business online. You need to do everything you can to ensure that you can grab and keep your following. Be as perfect as you can be and do the work. It isn't a waste of time paying attention to detail. Only upload well thought out and planned posts.

Lets note simply the key Marketing concepts to be aware of:

5 Marketing Concepts are:

  • Production Concept,

  • Product Concept,

  • Selling Concept,

  • Marketing Concept,

  • Societal Marketing Concept.

I'll let you in on a tip. Follow as many "influencers" as you can. People relevant to your business who have already made names for themselves. Say, you follow as much as a 100,000 of them. The moment you post, they see it. If out of all of them 10% click like on your picture... all their followers see it and can decide to check you out. That can translate into potential customers or even followers making it easy for you to grow your business.

whatever you're selling, you can expand your business online and reach farther than you already are.

So the next time you your fixing to make a post.... know that, that, may be that one chance, that opportunity worthy of grabbing the attention and business you need.

Until next time... stay inspired.

love always,



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