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Finding your Niche


I hope this meets you well.

I’ve been looking forward to writing this all day. Maybe it is because I would really like a lot of interaction on this post.

I'm curious... How many of you know the agricultural produce that is indigenous to your community? Where do you live and What is it?

You see, what I have is a passion for agriculture. I love everything about it. Farming, sourcing agricultural produce, processing to mention some.

I have a knack for tracking information regarding agriculture. Doing research on the crops we have, varieties, seasons, availability, possibilities… I could go on and on. I have connected with people I’ve never met before over Agro business. Coffee farmers in Taraba, cattle traders in Adamawa, shea traders in Niger, corn farmers Saminaka, Snail farmers in Akure the list goes on. All this without moving an inch from my home in Sokoto. I dream of visiting all these places and more one day. Connecting and bringing people together for one purpose. To hopefully create a food community so interconnected we feed ourselves.

The agricultural industry is so vast that you can find your niche, if only you just venture forth.

I'll advice you find and read the “AGRICULTURAL POLICY FOR NIGERIA” and read the role of agriculture in chapter one thoroughly.

Sometimes all you need is adequate information to spark that great idea. Think about it!

Until next time...

Stay safe and inspired.

Love always,



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