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Decisive Times.

Business aside for a moment.......

There have been a number of trending issues going on for a while now. Suspending the pressure and fear of the current pandemic. Most pressing right now is  Rape and Racism! The former, an issue plaguing this country and threatening to blow out of proportion if we continue to sit and not address it.

There is a huge End rape movement in Nigeria right now that has been spurred by some recent incidents. The reality of rape and it's rampancy is becoming worrisome.

We've got to amplify our voices, to curb this atrocious crime, the government has got to reform the laws and include those who support, enable and shield rapists in the punishment.

Destroying the lives of little girls and boys, women of all ages has got to end.

We need to rise from our complacent nature of watching and displaying lack luster reaction to this horrendous crime.

Be a voice that matters, if you aren't reporting, support the movement. Educate and raise awareness around you. This is not a cause restricted for women alone. It is a collective responsibility.

whether its rape, racism, poverty, war, corruption etc. Its obvious, in my opinion that time has come to find permanent solutions for key issues that the world needs to purge itself of.

It is now paramount that we rise up and do what we can to achieve a harmonious, well balanced, fair and just world.

Change takes work. I hope we all bring some thing to this fight. Even if it's just your voice.

Until next time....stay safe.

Love always,



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