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Dear Procrastinator

I've been thinking about doing this for a very long time. Blog that is… sharing my perspective, putting words down that mean something that will in turn hopefully impact someone. 

So, this is it. Finally getting to it now because the times demand it. Most of us have been holed up at home not being able go out or just had their movements restricted for going on months now. It has been an enlightening experience. And not knowing how long this will be or when it will end, is as daunting as ever.

The reality is many nine to five jobs don't work in these COVID times. You can't go out during a lock down to push paper and get paid for it. If your work or business isn't essential, it has most likely stalled leaving you wondering....... what you could do different? Chances are you probably already have ideas swirling in your head about things you could possibly do to create a sustainable income for yourself.

Are you beginning to think like an entrepreneur? Has staying locked up finally got you thinking of ways to add value to existing businesses or even filling a gap for an essential business?

If it has...... Welcome to the world of a budding entrepreneur.

While you're getting used to the idea of you being your own CEO, I’ll leave you to it for now.

It's never too late to find a way to be a sustainable woman and in these harrowing times when most people find themselves trapped at home and finance a major factor to survival, it becomes paramount for many to review their earning power and methods.


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