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I am Nana Aisha Mamudu, TV  producer and presenter,  business woman and blogger.

With contributions from key business coaches and mentors with tons of experiences in the field, this blog is inspired by the realization that a growing number of women struggle to actualize their ideas mainly, because of the lack of support even where they have the skills. My goal is to bring the information and guidance you need to succeed by navigating culture and perceptions in the most relatable way.

Using my journalistic research and interview skills and abilities, I will provide and connect you with the best information for entrepreneurs with suggestions and tools to empower YOU!

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Empower You is a blog geared towards the budding African woman who has come to the crossroads of her business journey and struggling to reach her goal of a business career.

Written from a personal point of view to connect more with you and draw from an understanding of the challenges that influence the African woman's struggle to create and establish a business. I combine personal, professional and educational experiences as well as inspirational videos and advice from business personalities and successes. All with the intent of breaking through to the African woman on her quest for empowerment.


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